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Icon Term Deposits

Term Deposits

Icon Term Deposits
Long Term Deposit Accounts
Long term deposit accounts are in one- year, two- year, three- year, four- year and five- year variants that may be opened in the name of individuals or legal entities either singly or jointly. Minimum opening balances are respectively IRR 100,000; IRR 200,000; IRR 300,000; IRR 400,000 and IRR 500,000.
If the depositor asks for part of a deposit prior to maturity, the balance of term deposits will be divided into multiplies of the minimum opening balance required
ATM Short Term Deposit Accounts
This account is a centralized deposit that may be used through electronic card and code. This account can be opened in the form of term deposit or Qardhul Hassan savings deposit, at the customer's request. The account holder can benefit from the interest or prize draw on account and conduct all banking operations in respect of receiving and payment of funds, transfer funds to other centralized accounts (ATM, Golden current account, etc), withdraw from ATMs, collect assigned checks, receive invoice and purchase goods and services round- the- clock, using the card.
Special Deposit Accounts
In this kind of deposit, balance should remain intact for six months. In case of premature withdrawal, the term and interest of the account would be considered short- term deposit.