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Icon Payment Orders and Bank Checks

Payment Orders and Bank Checks

Icon Payment Orders and Bank Checks
Promissory Notes
A promissory note, referred to as a note payable in accounting, or commonly as just a "note", is a contract where one party (the maker or issuer) makes an unconditional promise in writing to pay a sum of money to the other (the payee), either at a fixed or determinable future time or on demand of the payee, under specific terms.
Bank Checks
Branches issue checks in order to facilitate and expedite funds transfer. Bank checks are issued at the request of the customers, using a special code. The check may be collected in all Bank branches. Bank also guarantees payment of the checks.
Bank Drafts
A check drawn by one bank against funds deposited into its account at another bank, authorizing the second bank to make payment to the individual named in the draft.
Interbank Checks
These checks are issued at the request of the customer by a bank, on another bank, to be credited to a special account (excluding term deposits) inside a city.
Aasaan Checks (Easy-to-collect or convenient checks)
When customers are far from their own branch to cash their checks, they may approach the nearest branch in the same city, and after filling out the relevant assignment form, request the bank to remit the amounts of the checks to their own accounts free of charge.
Payment Orders
Funds received from customers may be transferred to other branches of the Bank nationwide via telephone in a timely manner.
Check Collection at customer's branch
Holders of this variant of checks refer to their own branches, without the need to refer to the issuing branch, requesting the Bank to collect the check and credit it to their account.
Collection and Payment of Other Bank's Guaranteed Checks
Checks guaranteed by other banks may be accepted by all Bank Sepah branches nationwide and credited to the customers' account after collection.