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Thursday24 June 2021    
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Icon E-Banking
“In the year of "support for Iranian goods", and in consistent with government and central bank of Islamic republic of Iran‘s goals and perspectives, Bank Sepah as the first Iranian bank, is ready to receive currencies originated from exporting goods and services of honorable Iranian exporters, and utilize these resources for the economic development of our country. Services including:
  • buying currencies based on the latest announced rate advised by central bank of Iran.
  • opening interest bearing accounts originated from cash currencies and received payment orders subject to the implementation of compliance and Anti money laundering and CFT rules and regulations.
  • Issuing and advising L/Cs, guaranties and providing other international banking services.
We welcome all appreciated customers and invite them to keep in touch with their nearest branch in all over the country”.
Online Phone Directory
To save the customers' time and expenses, Bank Sepah has established the Online Phone Directory to disseminate information regarding the Bank services. Customers may dial 66743275 round the clock and receive banking information orally or in writing via fax.
Checkfax (Collecting check via fax)
Collection of checks drawn on Bank Sepah on a nationwide basis will be carried out via fax in less than 24 hours. Customers who wish to use the service, called checkfax, fill out the related form and submit it to the branch, with the check attached thereto. The amount of the check will be credited to the customer's account on the date of the check.
Question and Answer System
Customers may enter the Question and Answer System by dialing 66743274 and following the operator's instructions, ask their questions. The system records the customer's message and gives a reference number for follow-up while indicating the time for the next call. The customer may receive the reply in due time via entering the reference number to the system.
Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Box is a box which customers may rent from the Bank to keep valuables in. Applicants should have a current or savings account with Bank Sepah, and their identities should be approved by the Bank. Customers should fill out the relevant form, sign the agreement and deposit money, then the bank issues the customers with the membership card.
Golden Card
Golden Cards are issued for the customers who have at least three-year favourable history of account holding and transactions. These customers may benefit from the fees and charges exemption on payment orders, bank checks, collection of drafts and other collectible documents, collateral assessment. Moreover, they may use the recreational facilities and the restaurant in the Bank's Club. They may also nominate two persons on an annual basis to receive interest-free loans.
Information Stand
Customers may use the Bank's information stands by referring to the branches. By entering the account number and Telephonebank code into the system, they will be provided with the statements of their accounts. Moreover, the system presents other information such as Board members' names and contact details, Bank's services, and addresses of branches.